How This 90’s Glam Punk Girl Created A Lipgloss Empire

The all-female pop punk band Lunachicks made waves in the 90s with their experimental sound and “babysitters on acid” image. Theo Kogan was the throaty lead vocalist, caked in layers of mascara, hair teased to the sky, and “I don’t give a fuck” personality. The look might not have been wearable, but it was an extension of their bold, good girls gone very, very bad attitude. Fast foreward 20 years and a grown up Kogan has made a life as a model, makeup artist, and rolemodel to rebel teens everywhere. Her experiences with on stage and on set makeup inspired her to create Armour Beauty, a line of long lasting, vegan lipglosses. Kogan reminisced with Galore, from those early days scouring the drugstore for makeup that would last, all the way to creating her empire.

Do you remember how you did your face the first time you got on stage with Lunachicks?

I remember it exactly. I was a teenager. My makeup all came from the drugstore at that point. I put on a Brucci red lipstick called “Tramp” and some also pharmacy brand white shimmery eyeshadow and black mascara. That was it.

What’s the craziest makeup look you ever did?

I was a tomboy all day, barely any makeup at all, jeans and t-shirt. When I got on stage at night I was like a drag queen. I did a Dee Snider (Twisted Sister’s frontman) type look with a crazy metal mullet wig, that might take the cake as the craziest makeup I’ve done.

How did your life change when you got pregnant?

When I got pregnant, I had a “shit I can’t stay awake so late anymore to stay in night life” moment. It was freaky. I found out on New Years Eve and didn’t want to tell anyone, especially not at a club and so early in the pregnancy because so many don’t “take”, shall we say. It was actually very isolating. But my experiences on stage were what drove me to create a makeup brand, even though I wasn’t in the scene anymore.

How did your experience as a model and performer influence the brand?

None of the glosses lasted long enough when I was singing and I had to reapply every five minutes. Long lasting was essential when I created Armour. I made some colors I had longed for or had a some point in my performing days and never found again, like our “Hello” pink opaque gloss was a memory of a lipstick I had found in Japan years before, the blue magenta “Grace” shimmer gloss was a memory of a drugstore gloss I had bought some where on tour years ago. My favorites, though, are Candy, an opaque lavender which works with my olive-yellow skin tone, and Gypsy, a peachy gold shimmer.

All of the are glosses are named after legendary songs, bands, and clubs. Who would you say has had the greatest influence on you? 

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character, as well as Bowie’s lyrics and ever-changing styles and personas influenced me majorly. Then there is Grace Jones (the gloss I mentioned before is named after her!). Her strength and beauty combo, not to mention costume changes and artistry, are covetable beyond. And then Debbie Harry: beauty, bad ass, innovator… These three might be my trinity.

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