Instagram Politics: Who Are You Following?


“You know @girlwithnojob?” My boyfriend asked. We often sit together silently at dinners, scrolling through Instagram on our respective phones.

“Of course,” I said. “Hannah tags me in her posts all the time. Everything she posts is like, literally me.”

“You know she’s like, ardently pro-Israel, right?”

I was confused. I had never even considered the person behind the account. @Girlwithnojob is one of the many “instafamous”Instagram accounts that have cropped up over the last two years or so—@thefatjewish, @f***jerry, @beigecardigan, @betches, to name a few—who post funny memes daily. Plenty of the accounts end up posting overlapping imagery and memes, yet still have pretty distinct followings. @girlwithnojob posts are mainly geared towards girls who eat a lot (usually pizza), have a casual drinking problem, and complain frequently about boys, so basically, @girlwithnojob is geared towards me. She currently has 588k followers.

@Jackieoproblems is often tagged in Claudia Oshry, or @girlwithnojob’s posts. She has 17.3k followers, and usually posts selfies or uploads images of her tweets. Two weeks ago, she posted this:


He showed me the comment section, where @girlwithnojob had posted two heart emojis. After we stalked her further, we found her sister’s account, @oliviaoshry, and it became clear that her family has a strong Israeli identity. I didn’t feel creepy going through different images and aspects of her life—I feel like I know @girlwithnojob. How could I not? Everything she posts is literally me. I’m also a millennial-aged Jewish girl in America.

FullSizeRender (11)

Do the political views of the Instagram accounts that thousands of people follow matter? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a good thing that we feel connected to each other online, in a way that we might not be able to in real life. Maybe it makes no difference at all. An hour ago, the Israeli election for prime minister was deemed “too close to call“, so the race between Benjamin Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog is still on. At the end of the day, however, I’m sure the entire world is of this political opinion: @thefatjewish is the undisputed president of the internet.


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