The Workout You Need To Kick Your Hangover

On the weekdays, it’s easy to stay consistent with your health/fitness goals. Wake up before work to hit the gym, pack a salad for lunch (and try not to give too many envious stares to your co-worker’s chipotle), and cook a healthy dinner before going to bed nice and early.

On the weekends? Not so much…besides all the drinking (yes, sadly we still haven’t created zero calorie alcohol somehow), there’s the 4AM pizza runs, the bottomless brunches, and if you’re lucky, a hot dinner date.

Galore Mag - Women's Health - Hangover workout

In a perfect world, since we’re eating more on the weekends we should go to the gym more. However, because the world we live in is far from perfect, the weekends are usually when we workout the least.

Part of this lack of motivation to workout usually comes from the fact that we wake up with a throbbing hangover (and possibly not in our own beds). Luckily (or unluckily) for us, Women’s Health has provided us with the ultimate workout for hangover relief. So cancel your Grubhub breakfast order and get your ass to the gym!

Galore Mag - Women's Health - Hangover workout

Photo Credit: Women’s Health

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