The Wild Feathers On How They Capture The Spirit Of Rock n’ Roll

Tis is the season to be capturing all kinds of spirits, or something like that. Well, The Wild Feathers have exactly the spirit you’re looking for. They’re currently touring North America and injecting each place with their love and passion for rock n’ roll, which is nothing short of proved by their music. Check out our interview with bandmate Ben below!


Tell us where you’re from:
I am from Macon, GA. The home of Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers. Three of the other guys in the band are from Texas, and we have an Oklahoma native as well. Nashville is our home when we are not on the road.

How did you come up with the name Wild Feathers?
Honestly we chose it because it sounded the best out of the options we had at the time. But since we have called ourselves that, the name has taken on a real meaning to us. The imagery of the name has really come to depict the spirit of our music and the lifestyle we have adopted in our constant touring. I feel like it resonates with our fans as they have given their meaning to the name as well.

Who are your main inspirations?
I could be here all day answering this one. There are 5 people in the band who all have unique styles, so everyone draws from many different inspirations. There is definitely a lot of common ground. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Rolling Stones. We are not trying to sound like these artists, per se, but more so to wanting to capture the spirit of rock and roll that they and others have shown and make our own mark with it.

Career highlight so far:
There have been a lot of special moments for us over the past couple years. The first one that comes to mind is headlining a sold out show in Madrid, Spain. It was our first time playing in Spain, and to have hundreds of people sing along to our songs (in what is presumably a second language for most of them) was a thrilling experience beyond words. It’s moments like that make you feel like all the blood, sweat, and tears you have poured into it might be worth it.

What artists do you guys like listening to right now?
A couple current records we have been wearing out are the new Cage The Elephant and War On Drugs records. We are currently on tour with two fantastic bands, Desert Noises and Apache Relay, so we have been listening to them a lot and loving it.

Where are you touring?
This tour is taking is all over the country, with a couple stops in Canada along the way. Twenty to twenty-five cities in all.

What’s coming up next?
We are doing a lot of writing at the moment, ideas are pouring out. When we get home off the road we are going to work up a lot of new songs and hit the studio some time early in the new year.

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