The Weeknd got caught Instagram-creeping on Selena

Getting caught Instagram-creeping on somebody you used to sleep with is pretty much everybody’s worst nightmare, but when you get caught creeping on somebody you’re dating it’s a different story.

Then it’s usually cute af.

Like when The Weeknd got caught double tapping a handful of old pictures of Selena.

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Sometimes we all forget that every picture we like or comment on is something anybody we’re friends with can see. This can lead to embarrassment, but when you’re a celebrity, it leads to publicity moments.

For instance, this weekend The Weeknd — seriously, why does that have to be his name? — liked five years-old pictures of his girlfriend Selena on Instagram, and obviously it was only a matter of time before his stans noticed and were like, “awwww, isn’t this just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?”

And while yes, it is cute, all it really proves is that The Weeknd was a little bored this weekend.

Sorry. No boyfriend deserves a medal for thinking his girlfriend is hot.

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[H/T Elite Daily]

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