The Weeknd and Bella Hadid Get Bloody For “In The Night” Music Video

When The Weeknd isn’t busy singing about his debilitating, but thrilling drug habit or the fact that he’s empty inside and the worst/best kind of lover, his songs paint darkly vivid portraits of sex, money, violence and intrigue.  You know, all the things that make the world go round. 

His new music video for “In The Night,” a throwback ‘80s jam reminiscent of the Michael Jackson era, is no exception. 

 Staring his IRL girlfriend (and notorious closet raider) Bella Hadid as a young stripper who’s “capable of anything,” the music video takes place in a seedy strip club and all the dark, abandoned locales known only to those who live fast and die young. 

Directed by BRTHR, the directing duo behind Miley Cyrus‘s memorable AMA performance where she performed ‘Wrecking Ball‘ in front of a giant, crying kitten, “In The Night” is full of glitchy cutaways, saturated colors, dollar bills raining to the ground in slow motion, and a whole lot of emoting. 


The music video progresses to an increasingly bloody and violent ending, and packs a twist that you may or may not see coming, unless you listen closely to the lyrics.  What’s real, what’s imagined, and the exact sequence of the tangled, fragmented story line is never explained, but one thing’s for sure: Bella Hadid is the femme fetale 2015 has been waiting for.

While “In The Night” may be one of those The Weeknd songs that you hate within the first minute, it’s also one of those Weeknd songs that grows on you.  Watch the video above and I promise you’ll see what I mean.  


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