The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos Talks Zombies, Playboy & The Perfect Pinup Look

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 may have concluded last night, but here’s a little more Christian Serratos for you. Not only is this babe a badass actress, she’s absolutely stunning and her makeup seems to always be on point! We chatted with Christian about zombies (of course), her first time posing for Playboy, and the perfect pinup beauty look. Check out what she had to say, below!


Photos By Angelo Kritikos

What’s the best part of filming The Walking Dead?

Getting to work with some of the most talented, genuine and kind people I’ve ever met.  I have made amazing friends and learned from their amazing talents.  It’s exciting getting to go to work and to have such an incredible support system. #TWDfamily 

What’s the most insane makeup you ever wore on the show?

One of my favorite things about this show is that all of us get to look like ourselves.  When it comes to everyday makeup on the show its the bare minimum.  Chapstick and a little mascara.  It’s really relaxing getting to be you and focus totally on the work. It is incredible seeing the amazing makeup and dressing on our walkers though.  They get the full treatment and shock us every time they step on set.   For it being gruesome, it’s so beautiful.  

How do you get the perfect pin up girl beauty look?

Everyone needs to play with their look, whatever it may be until they find what works for them.  I’ve found that what makes me feel the most confident and beautiful is to keep it lady like and very classic. It just so happens that the 40’s and 50’s were known for that.  I mix modern with vintage a lot. I think that’s the key to not getting bored with a look.  

Was posing for Playboy always a dream of yours? How did you prep yourself up for the shoot?

It was something that I absolutely wanted to do once in my life.  The first time I saw playboy was when Marilyn Monroe shot for them. There was something so glamorous and empowering about a woman being confident in her body and self with no fear or question.    

Top 3 tips for people considering going vegan?

Not to fear trying new things. And that just goes for life in general. It’s really quite easy. After a few days of treating your body well and eating healthy, your body and mind are going to crave those healthy things and reject the “foods” you used to crave. Dive in! You’ll feel amazing and clean. 

How do you eat clean when you’re on set/ on the road?

We have the best set around.  I can’t say that enough.  Our work on this show takes a lot out of us.  It is mentally and physically taxing so keeping healthy is a huge part in making sure everyone who works on this production can keep working at their healthiest and best. To insure health, we have the best foods and care on set. Fresh pressed juices for lunch…healthy snacks…delicious meals. We do, however, have our treats too! 

How has being vegan helped your skin?

I have very sensitive skin so eating healthy is important in maintaining it. Your skin tells you first thing when your body feels out of whack.  So just making sure I eat clean is key for me.  







Photos By Angelo Kritikos

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