Who Should Get Kicked Off The Voice Tonight Based On Their Fashion Choices Alone

If you don’t watch The Voice, what the f*ck are you doing with your Monday nights?  Unless the answer is, “Watching Dancing With The Stars,” you have no excuse.  While it’s perfectly natural to have doubts about any reality television program currently on air, sometimes the only thing to do is to stop sipping on the Haterade and reach for a glass of I Love Tv Iced Tea.

After weeks of competition, after tonight, the competition will be narrowed down to 10 singers who share the dream of being the next singing competition winner that you’ve never heard of.  There are lots of ways to pick your favorites: who do you think is most likely to be playing on the radio, whose taste aligns closest with yours, and the time-honored tradition of rooting for the contestant most likely to find themselves in your bed, naked and sweating.  Or you could just judge them on their fashion.  It’s like, the American Way.  After all, if you don’t look the part, how the hell do you expect to sell yourself to the masses?

Hannah Kirby

Fashion isn’t exactly Hannah Kirby’s strong suit, but finally girl is moving herself in the right direction.  Her outfit tonight, complete with throwback ’70s bell sleeves and faux-leather fringe and paired with a simple cross chain is enough to keep her safely nestled in the middle of the pack.

Brian Johnson 


Brian isn’t known for singing flashy songs, and he’s not known her a flashy fashion sense either.  While there’s nothing explicitly wrong with this look, there’s nothing to write home about either.  Too bad, Brian – the only thing worse than being bad in the world of entertainment is being boring.

India Carney


High-waisted black satin pants paired with a simple tight, white tank, plum-colored lips, and a single braid woven through her hair – India Carney looks effortlessly cool.  Bae may keep her style simple, but she always stuns.

Mia Z


Eh.  The matching sparkles are a nice touch, but this outfit just screams 15-year-old in a way that Mia Z’s choices so rarely do.  Next week, girl.

Deanna Johnson

Bae may be a little basic, but at least she knows how to get her Grecian Goddess on holiday on.

Sawyer Fredericks


Who even knows what this boy is wearing because when he sings, the rest of the world kind of melts away. Seriously, you should try it sometime.

Rob Taylor


While Rob’s fashion is usually a little better than bland, this week, boo fell short.  The sleeves of his jacket are just a little too short, and the whole casual suit pairing is a little tired, but we WISH we had that skull necklace, and that’s enough to save him in our books.

Corey Kent White


Le Snooze. Just a slice of white bread.

Koryn Hawthorne

The Voice - Season 8

Sometimes 17-year-olds just be looking like 17-year-olds – Koryn most definitely bought her outfit from Kohl’s (no shade – we’ve all been there). While the cropped pink moto jacket could have been more effectively paired with a micro faux leather skirt or a pair of black disco pants, at least she managed to avoid total fashion disaster.

Joshua Davis


Wether Joshua’s wearing a jacket or a button-down, it doesn’t matter – he’s a Dad who dresses like he plays acoustic guitar, and nothing, not even NBC is gonna change that.

Megan Linsey

The Voice - Season 8

Tonight was all about old Hollywood glamour for Megan.  The hair, the simple black dress with a gold buckle and a high ass slit – bae looked elegent and let her voice do all the work.

Kimberly Nicole


Girl has got it going on.  That dress is space age rock star perfection.  The shoulder pads, the flounce of the skirt, the opalescent shine – bae understands her image, and isn’t afraid to get her diva on.


Bye Bye Joshua Davis and Corey Kent White.  Y’all may be dudes, but that doesn’t excuse you from making an effort.

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