The Vogue Cover Girls Talk About What It Means To Be An “Insta-Girl”

Is the supermodel dead? American Vogue doesn’t seem to think so. The new Vogue September issue features nine young women who Anna Wintour has dubbed as “The Insta-Girls”. What does that mean exactly? Apparently a new breed of supermodel who’s international infamy has less to do with a badass persona and more to do with an affinity for socal media technology. But what do the models themselves think about the title? Not much apparently. In a new video with American Vogue, the insta-girls themselves admit to not quite believing themselves to be worthy of the title of “supermodel”. “I think I am just a model. I don’t think there are supermodels anymore” admits Arizona Muse. Maybe there aren’t “supermodels” anymore, but are these stunning yet relatable young women “just models”, we think not.

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