The Two Sides of Snooping Through Your Boo’s Phone

Going through your significant other’s phone should be considered a cardinal temptation. A few swipes and a world of communications you’re not privy to is in your hands. A simple sentence could hold the power to make or break your relationship. It’s almost like being able to access some form of ultimate truth about a person.


I asked my Twitter followers what their thoughts on snooping were and it seemed to divide into two camps; the first was you should definitely check your significant other’s phone and the second was that it is a huge breach of trust and if you distrust your significant other to the point where you have to go through their phone you shouldn’t be with them.


I’ve been in both camps. I once checked my significant other of 3 years’ phone, found nothing and felt so dumb about it I never did it again. I’ve also had exes go through my phone, Facebook, emails, and even other people’s phones to check my communications with them. Admittedly they found some shady shit, and I was horrified by the violation of privacy. Because of these experiences it’s my current policy to never go through someone else’s phone.

Going through your significant other’s phone can only end in two ways, you find exactly what you were fearing most, or you receive reassurance and insurance that your partner is faithful at the cost of breaching their privacy.

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