The Truth About Alcohol And Sex

Classes begin tomorrow and you know what that means: bring on the partays! Whether you find yourself grinding it at the club or a popping it at a house party, sometimes we do chug a little too much and end up pulling a Jamie Foxx. Yet in reality, blaming it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol is not the best idea either. So let’s break down the truth about booze and how it affects your sex life, shall we?

It is true that we sometimes feel extra kinky and in the mood when intoxicated. But aside from making us feel a little looser, alcohol has some real affects on us that go deeper than the “confidence boost” a shot offers.

Alcohol can act as a stress reliever.


According to CNN, alcohol, when consumed moderately, does calm the brain. Being the largest sex organ in the body, when the brain becomes more relaxed, it’s prone to make you feel more impulsive, ready to take risks (aka, the typical Saturday night Snapchat story). Clearly, feeling more confident whilst intoxicated has it ups and downs, and, at our age, usually leads to the latter.

Yet don’t believe the hype: it’s not an aphrodisiac.


While it has been proven that a glass or two of red wine a day causes a slightly higher libido (specifically in women, since alcohol helps dilate blood capillaries, making your hoo-ha more moist), if one starts overindulging in liquor, too much alcohol actually makes it harder for you to get hard (lol, no pun intended).

So yes, “whiskey dick” is a thing.


Although it has nothing to do with whiskey per say, this issue—which is 100% real—occurs when guys have difficulty having an erection after drinking. It’s super common and can sometimes lead to an irresponsive penis (to sexual stimulation). Don’t get me wrong, you can still totally have a boner while you’re drunk, but the alcohol can mess with you, making you more flaccid.

It can also make your pum-pum super dry.


Despite what you might’ve thought, alcohol leaves you super dehydrated. And being dehydrated can make it harder for you to be naturally lubricated. Again, this doesn’t happen to everyone, but like, why take the chance?

Aaaaaand, it’ll take you ages to orgasm…if it even happens at all 🙁


According to Cosmo, while drinking, females’ sexual response goes down the drain. Vasocongestion is the swelling of the vagina, which makes it receptive and open to penetration. Along with natural lube, this also decreases while you’re drunk…leading to painful (and not in the good way) sex. So, painful sex = longer to achieve orgasm = less intensity.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Don’t get too wasted, but your sex will actually suck. Be safe, babies!


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