The Three F’s That The Man In Your Life Should Satisfy

In today’s world of dating, it can be hard to decide if a guy is worth your time. Nobody likes looking like a fool, and sometimes, nice girls finish last. So, how do you decide if someone is on your top list of priorities? Use the rule of the three F’s:

If he’s not fucking you, financing you, or feeding you, he can’t say shit to you.

Okay, maybe this seems a little harsh… but is it really? I’m not saying you can’t have guy friends, that’s a totally different story. But we’ve all been there when we hook up with a guy one time and suddenly he acts like we’re his property. That shit don’t fly. Hell, even if he is f*cking you, feeding you, and financing you, you are still not his property!

But, if he’s doing one of the 3 F’s, you can at least consider his suggestions. Here’s a little guide:

Is He Fucking You?

If he’s fucking you (and solely fucking you), there’s one place where he can tell you what to do: in bed. And if you don’t like being told what to do in bed, then he doesn’t have to do that either. If he’s fucking you and you guys might evolve into something more, than sure you can pay a little more attention to what he has to say, but don’t go around acting like you’re wifed up and can’t do anything without his permission while he’s out doing god knows what. Nothing is more embarrassing than being that girl who’s trying to be the perfect girlfriend, when she’s not even actually a girlfriend. If a guy cares so much about what you’re doing, he can make you his. If he doesn’t? You answer to nobody but yourself.

Is He Financing You?

Do you have a sugar daddy? If yes, then okay, you probably want to be nice to this man. If you don’t have a sugar daddy, then the only person that could possibly be financing you is your actual dad. And assuming that you have a decent relationship with your dad, you’re probably going to have to obey his wishes (for the most part) regardless. If you’re seeing a dude and he’s regularly buying you meals, he’s not financing you. Feeding you is part of the woo-ing process, see below:

Is He Feeding You?

A smart guy knows that the fastest way to get between a girl’s legs is through her mouth (and no, I don’t mean a blowjob). Bitches love food. And while the concept of a dinner date might seem like a majestic unicorn in the world of college life, I promise that slightly older dudes actually understand the concept of “traditional dating” (even if you met through Tinder). Therefore, don’t get your panties too wet when some dude buys you a slice of pizza at 3 am. You don’t owe him your life, and you certainly don’t owe him sex. A good rule when it comes to a dude that’s feeding you is that you can play nice until the meal is over. Once you shove that last bit of cheesy crust in your mouth, you can do whatever the f you want.

If a guy is not fucking you, financing you, or feeding you and he still thinks that he can tell you what to wear/do/say/think? Then you can delete his number immediately, because you don’t need that type of negativity in your life.

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