The Sexiest Men Alive Who Didn’t Get A People Cover

Chris Hemsworth may be People’s Sexiest Man Alive, but what about all the other dudes who have worked to bring sexy back this year? We’ll pretty much take any excuse to talk about hot guys so we can’t help but think about the cuties who were so unfairly overlooked for this issue. We have hot guys in every category in this line up so browse through and try not to drool onto your laptop.

Sexiest Male Model: Sean O’Pry
Galore Mag - Sean O'Pry

He swept T.Swift off of her feet (and then felt the fury of her wrath), so can it be our turn to ballroom dance with this babe?

Sexiest Stoner: Chief Keef
Galore Mag - Chief Keef

I mean he opened up his very own weed shop, if that isn’t a turn on, I don’t know what is.

Sexiest Newlywed: Adam Brody
Galore Mag - Amy Brody

Seth Cohen be all grown up and lookin fine!

Sexiest Rap God: Kanye West
Galore Mag - Kanye West

Then again, he did already have a Vogue cover so People may be a bit beneath him at this point.

Sexiest Brit: Daniel Radcliffe
Galore Mag - Daniel Radcliff

Because we have all had a crush on Harry Potter at some point.

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