The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Honoring Beyonce with Exhibit

The Rock and Roll hall of fame will be honoring Beyonce through an exhibit to feature some of her most iconic ensembles from her music videos, performances and event attendances.

Her Rubin Singer leather and lace bodysuit from her 2013 Superbowl performance will be one such item featured at the exhibit. A funky, edgy, yet feminine ensemble which spoke of both Sasha Fierce and Beyonce in one.

The Givenchy black beaded and purple feathered mermaid gown from the 2012 Met Gala which was the talk of the entire event especially after she had just given birth to her child four months prior.

The Gareth Pugh gold dress from the “Run the World (Girls)” video in 2011. A futuristic projection of gold which matches the desert backdrop of the video.

One sleeve black leotard from the “SIngle Ladies” 2008 video. One of her most iconic looks for one of her most iconic videos.

White cotton tank top, J Brand denim shorts and red Stuart Weitzman slingback pumps from the 2008 “Crazy in Love” video. A simple summer look that could be worn by anyone but one which represents the theme of the video. That love, like her outfit in the video, should be simple and carefree.

Thierry Mugler gold metal bodysuit from the 2009 “Sweet Dreams” video. A haute couture suit of magic.

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