The Rich White Ladies Will Run Your iPod, Your Closet, The World


The Rich White Ladies didn’t choose their name, their name chose them. That’s what Tokyo Diiva and Scotty Rebel told me over the phone last week. “People just started calling us the Rich White Ladies after our music started coming out, because our EP is called Rich White Ladies

The pop-rap duo from the Bronx reminds me of the kids I grew up with in New York—they’re tough, funny, confident, and they don’t f*ck around.  “I didn’t need to finish high school, because there was nothing I needed to learn there. They don’t teach you what you actually need to know.” The girls started making music together and never looked back. Now, they’re working on taking over the world, and debuting a fashion line.

“Where would you rather shop,” I asked them. “SoHo or Williamsburg?”

“Both,” they responded, definitively. “We like everything. Sometimes we like vintage, and sometimes we like shopping in SoHo. It depends how we feel.”

“Who are you designing your clothes for? Who do you have in mind when you design?”

“Girls and guys, but girls mostly. We don’t want to talk about it that much, because it’s just going to be cool to see when it actually comes out.”

That’s pretty much the motto of the Rich White Ladies—you’ve got to see them to believe them. They’ve gained recognition from their ability to fuse pop, trap and electronic music into a brand of music very much their own, and it’s hilarious. And they look good doing it. And their videos are crazy: “White Powder Perm” features two actual (perhaps rich?) white ladies lip-synch-rapping their lyrics during a ratchet tea party. Watching an old lady smoking a blunt never gets old.

Check out their debut EP Rich White Ladies on iTunes

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