The Raveonettes Conquer Nightmares And The New Year

Year after year Danish duo The Raveonettes put out meticulously crafted indie-pop with a sound sweeter than a nightmare but not quite home in dreamland. Sune Rose Wagner opens up about losing his father while making their new album Pe ‘Ahi, the understanding partnership with Sharin Foo and diving head first into the new year.

by: Shannon Kurlander


Making any duo succeed, whether romantic or professional, takes work. What have been the key elements to making your partnership last for almost 15 years?

Probably an internal understanding of our individual contributions within the group. It’s not as smooth as some people might think, like you said, it really takes a lot of work but by the end of the day the music always triumphs and that’s what it’s all about.

The latest album Pe ‘Ahi comes from a darker place, with the death of a loved one, was the record a cathartic effort?

It wasn’t, no. It was just unavoidable at the time, since my dad’s death occurred right in the middle of writing/recording. His passing definitely contributed to the darker aspects of the album. Funny how things take twisted turns sometimes.

There’s definitely a nightmarish element to the new record with track titles like “Killer In The Streets”, “Wake Me Up”, “A Hell Below” – what’s the weirdest nightmare you remember having?

I don’t really have “weird” nightmares, I have gruesome nightmares about killing people or being shot. I usually have nightmares 3-4 nights a week, so for me they’re not really nightmares anymore, just dreams I guess.

What have been some eye-opening or memorable moments during your tour through Asia?

We ate incredibly well and met some really cool fans. I don’t really have any “memorable” anecdotes as such but I have to say playing in Taiwan was brilliant!

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With the end of 2014 rapidly approaching, what’s The Raveonettes New Years resolution?

Search and destroy/stay sick!

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