Here’s Why The Radio Will Always Be Relevant

How do young listeners first hear their favorite songs and artists in 2015? Surprisingly, the radio–both local and broadcasting apps. Without the radio, musicians can’t be heard and can’t be played. But NextRadio is making sure that music can be streamed over your favorite new digital devices and platforms.

What makes NextRadio different than the other streaming music apps? Its affordability, of course. It enables users to hear local radio on their phones without using any data. And radio stations should be just as excited as their listeners because NextRadio offers them to ability to provide graphics, a music experience the new digital generation prefers. NextRadio has 2,000 stations signed on to broadcast through their app. They are joining the app, not just to offer their audience a new visual experience, but for advertising purposes. They can now create ads on NextRadio for their advertisers.

The radio has officially become a digital experience where you can expect: Instant sharing through your social media, the ability to buy a song you hear that you otherwise wouldn’t know the name of, real time visuals and an organized browsing experience. How? Simply, with a chip. NextRadio wants every carrier to pre-install these chips into their phones. Why? To cut back on streamed data AND modernize the radio. So far, Sprint and AT&T are on board, making Verizon the only unwilling carrier. Hopefully, they will start to consider it–the radio is supposed to be free, after all.

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