The Purrrfect Bomber Jacket




This afternoon, whilst nursing a hangover thanks to that bananas VFILE‘s bash, avoiding the hail hell outside my window and pretending like NYFW doesn’t exist, I happened upon the most amazing jacket in recent history. So yeah, it’s your typical bomber jacket from the front. But on the back of the jacket is where the me-wow-y magic happens. In other words: AN ADORABLE CAT HEADSHOT. OMFG, right?

Screw chocolate covered strawberries and lacy lingerie — the key to cold hearts is this this this this this purrfectness.


Cat Jacket

MadeMe Cat Jacket

Get your claws on this cuteness over at MadeMe Clothing. Completely, totally worth the $278. But, sorry dudes, it comes in lady sizes only. Which means it’s probably time to consider an overpriced juice cleanse after all.

Cat Gif

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