Pretty Pretty Collective & GBY Show Us 11 Ways To Get Punk Glam

Halloween-time is really stressful. Choosing between a nerdy costume, a scary costume and a slutty costume is one of the harder decisions a girl faces in her lifetime. Halloween isn’t just one night (well it is, but like…), it’s a season. From pumpkin spice lattes to an obsession with haunted houses, it’s a good idea to let this holiday inspire your everyday beauty routine. We asked badass hair artist and owner of The Pretty Pretty Collective, Georgia Rew, and GBY Beauty founder, Courtney Casgraux, to show us how to achieve that punk-rock glam look. They reveal their secret weapons to major volume and even the appropriate usage of hair accessories, plus give us the ultimate example by styling fashion queen Layla Shapiro. Don’t punk out, check out these photos and try their tips below.

Galore Mag The Pretty Pretty Collective

1. Find some reference photos! Having an end-goal is key.

2. Create a strong foundation in the hair with styling cream. Our favorite is JackPot by R+Co! Apply to towel dried hair. Blow dry in before setting with hot rollers, or attempting any hairstyles that defy gravity.

3. A hot roller set will be your best friend when going for a chic-punk look. A defined curl adds instant va-voom!

4. Your secret weapons for a major-volume hair look will be Vicious Hairspray from R+Co, a fine tooth comb for back combing, and a flat iron.

5. Bee hive or victory rolls requires a ton of hairspray, a ton of hair pins, and a ton of bobby pins. Keep building, spraying, and pinning. You’ll get there!

6. Glitter! GBY Beauty has an amazing glitter gel that can be used on your face, in your brows, or in your hair. It lasts all night and has tons of shine.

7. Temporary hair color spray!!! An instant way to amp-up your halloween look is colored locks! You can find this stuff for under $8 at any local Target, Jo-Ann’s or Party City.

8. Mix ultra glam with ultra grunge. We’re talking tutu’s with combat boots, torn jeans with heels, a chocker collar with a tight dress.

9. Lashes! GBY Beauty’s Moscow Meow adds INSTANT sex appeal. This treatment isn’t your typical set of lash extensions, these girls PILE on the lashes, perfect for the Halloween season!

10. Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Metal chains, studs, neon accents, fishnets, temporary tattoos and temporary piercings. Have fun with it, it’s Halloween after all!

11. Recycle your closet! Have a DIY day with your girlfriends. Bring old punk band t-shirts, denim jackets, and shoes. Combine these items with studs, glitter, and spray paint to add a punk feel! PRO TIP: Crack open a bottle of wine while doing so.


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Galore Mag PPC X GBY

Creative Direction: GBY Beauty

Hair: Georgia Rew

Makeup: Brianna Gallo

Photography: Shelby Sells

Model: Layla Shapiro

Location: The Pretty Pretty Collective x GBY Beauty

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