The Pretty Pretty Collective’s Official Step By Step Guide To Perfect Holiday Party Hair

The newest (and we think coolest) hair salon to hit Los Angeles, The Pretty Pretty Collective, has the perfect Christmas present for you. We sat down with mega hairstylist and owner of The Pretty Pretty Collective, Georgia-Rew, to figure out the best hairstyles for every holiday party you’ve been invited to. From dinner parties to cocktail parties to even those unofficial after parties, Georgia-Rew has mastered multiple hairstyles just for you. Checkout her chosen favorite hair looks for the holiday season below, and start practicing ladies! Oh, but if you are one of those girls who can’t blow dry your hair without looking like a poodle, book an appointment over at The Pretty Pretty Collective today.

Dinner Party

STEP 1: The perfect dinner party look starts with a great round brush blow dry. For this style, one must start with clean hair. Spray Oribe Maxamista Volumizing Spray at root then take the Oribe Creme For Style and pull through mid shaft to ends. Comb through and spray Oribe Royal Blow Out over the entire head. Then start to rough dry until hair is 90% dry. Flipping over hair to get the underneath dry is essential.

STEP 2: Next step is to take a boar bristle brush and smooth and bend the ends. If this is too difficult try using an 1″1/2 barrel to bend the hair and anchor with a duck bill clip.

STEP 3: Once the hair has cooled down, remove clips and take the same boar bristle brush and brush and brush and brush out the curls until the look is soft and sexy. This style will wow a crowd and is a perfect foundation for an up styled look.

STEP 4: Use a rat tail comb and part the hair across the top of the head from ear to ear. Clip the hair into the two sections for control.

STEP 5: Starting with the back section you are going to make a french twist. This is easier than you think, plus the trend isn’t to have stiff perfect hair. Make a low pony with your hands, place your thumb horizontally across the pony and twist upward. Hold hair in place with hair pins.

STEP 6: Now to the front section: Brush the side hair upward and over the head anchor on the top of the head with a bobbie pin. Then do the same with the other side. Once this hair is all in place, use the same curling iron to curl the hair that’s hanging down and use the same duck bill pins to hold each curl.

STEP 7: Once this hair has cooled take out pins and french lace each curl.

STEP 8: Spray with Oribe Dry Texture Spray at root and finish with Oribe Soft Styling Spray.

Cocktail Party

STEP 1: Start with towel dried hair. Use one spray of R+Co Dallas at the root and follow with R+Co Chiffon for mid shaft and ends. Continue to style as explained in the first look. Spray each section being curled with R+Co Outer Space.

STEP 2: When the curls have cooled set them free and brush brush brush.

STEP 3: Once you have soft beautiful curls take a healthy amount of R+Co Mannaquin Paste and apply the hair to your good side!

STEP 4: Take your boar bristle brush and brush section up at a 90 degree angle allowing the hair to drop off and blend into the back section. To insure hold finish with R+Co Vicious Spray.

STEP 5: Apply R+Co Death Valley at the root to insure volume and give the hair a pretty, powdery finish.

After Party

STEP 1: Spray hair lightly with water as to dampen slightly.

STEP 2: Brush hair until it’s close to the head. If you look better with a deep part, choose your good side and go for it.

STEP 3: Add R+Co Mannequin for hold and to give great texture. The boar brush lines will give you a fresh and sexy style that is timeless and gorgeous for any event.

STEP 4: Spray with viscous for hold.

Hair by Georgia-Rew

Lashes by GBY Beauty

Clothing by Diamond Supply Co

Photography & Set Design by Georgia-Rew

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