The Powerpuff Girls Just Infiltrated Your Favorite High Fashion Line

If you were a pre-teen girl in the 90s, chances were the Powerpuff Girls was your favorite cartoon show. Debuting in 1998 to the highest ratings Cartoon Network had ever seen at the time, the Powerpuff Girls told the story of three sisters named Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles, who were created out of sugar, spice, everything nice, and Chemical X. They were the perfect little girls: they were loving, they were kind, and they kicked serious ass.

Perhaps more so than the Spice Girls, the Powerpuff Girls served as the ultimate symbols of girl power. Over the course of one episode, the girls would have to juggle school work, using their ultra super powers to fight badguys like Mojo Jojo, the Gangreen Gang, and the infamous Him. , and they always had to do it all before bedtime.

Now, the Powerpuff Girls can add one more girl power achievement to their list: infiltrating high fashion and battling against bad fashion senses the world over.


Jeremy Scott is no stranger to merging together high fashion with low culture, and this season he’s done it again. Debuting at his Moschino S/S Milan Fashion Week runway, the Powerpuff Girls x Jeremy Scott fashion collection includes an over-print legging, a one-piece swimsuit, knitwear tops, a line of bags, and more. What we saw on the runway at Milan is just a piece of what we have to look forward to.

Here’s a closeup of Buttercup, looking sassy as always:


Here’s a swimsuit that showcases all three of our Powerpuff girls in their fiercest fighting form:

And last but not least we have Blossom, who seems pissed to be featured on a raincoat that leaves her face just barely visible:


But don’t worry Blossom, because thanks to Cartoon Network, you and your sisters are about to be incredibly visible in a matter of months.  The Powerpuff Girls are getting a reboot.  Until then, we have Moschino…and old reruns of course.  So this weekend, go ahead and order yourself a pizza, roll some of your finest grass up, and treat you and your besties to a Powerpuff Girl-induced coma.  You deserve it.



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