The Pierces Prep For the Most Epic Fleetwood Mac Cover Concert of All Time

This week, some of our favorite musicians are getting together in LA for Fleetwood Mac Fest, a tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time.

The show, which benefits The Sweet Relief and Sweet Stuff foundations, features an epic lineup of artists: Mark Ronson, Courtney Love, Alison Mosshart, Joanna Newsom, Cold War Kids, Juliette Lewis, and many more – including one of our favorite dynamic duos, The Pierces.

We spoke with Catherine from The Pierces ahead of the show to see what Fleetwood Mac means to them, who they’re excited to see at the show, and what they’ve been up to since last year’s announcement that they taking a break from their band to pursue solo projects.


Cheryl Dunn: Let’s get to the one thing we absolutely can’t wait for. You guys are returning to the stage, specifically the Fonda theatre in LA for one hell of a show: Fleetwood Mac Fest. Listening to your music, you can definitely hear an influence, what does Fleetwood Mac’s music mean to you? Did you grow up listening to them?

Catherine Pierce: Fleetwood Mac was definitely part of the soundtrack to our youth. We loved learning the harmonies, singing around the house. They absolutely influenced our sound and writing style. We’ve been asking the guys at Best Fest to do a Fleetwood Mac tribute for years. So happy that it’s happening and with such an amazing lineup.

 Have you ever met the band? Were you able to speak in Stevie’s presence or did you forget how (like I would)?

 CP: We’ve never met them sadly! I think I’d be able to speak in front of Stevie…but only to tell her how much I love her.

 What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song?

 CP: That’s tough but I’d probably choose “Dreams”. It’s just so good.

 What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac album?

 CP: Gotta say Rumours!

 Are there any Fleetwood Mac songs you feel are under-rated and everyone should re-listen to?

 CP: I like “Sisters Of The Moon” from Tusk. It’s nice and witchy.

 Your band has previously done an incredible cover of “The Chain”, will you be performing that at the show? Did you get to pick which songs you get to cover during the fest? Can tell us which ones we can look forward to hearing you play?

 CP: “The Chain” had already been snapped up by the time we joined the lineup. It’s funny, everyone always fights over the best songs! We are doing “Say You Love Me”. It has good harmonies. Should be fun.

 The lineup is full of some of our favorite artists. Who are you excited to see? Who are you excited to play or collaborate with at the festival?

 CP: I’m excited for Courtney Love. That should be interesting! I also love Joanna Newsom and Cold War Kids.

 Can you tell us more about The Sweet Relief and Sweet Stuff Foundations that the Fleetwood Mac Fest is benefitting?

 CP: Sweet Relief benefits injured and sick musicians and artists that can’t afford healthcare. It’s a great cause and it’s cool to see musicians helping other musicians in need.

 Can you give us an update of what The Pierces have been up to this past year?

 CP: Allison and I have both been writing and recording for solo albums. We also both got puppies 🙂

 Last year, the band notified fans on Facebook they would be taking a break to pursue solo projects. Do you have anything you are working on right now you are particularly excited about? Are you writing a new EP or record? If so what has the process been like so far?

 CP: It’s been really interesting and exciting. We are both discovering who we are and how we sound on our own. It’s a little scary because we’ve always had each other but we are both really happy about the way it’s unfolding. I’m finding that I have different things I want to say on my own and Allison feels the same way. We’ll both put something out this year.

 Can we look forward to you playing any more shows this year? Either as the band or with your solo projects?

 CP: Yes, we will start playing more live shows as we get closer to releasing some music. Probably just solo stuff this year. Maybe a reunion next year? We shall see!

 Buy your tickets Fleetwood Mac Fest here and check out The Pierces on Twitter and YouTube.

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