The Perfect Summer Upgrade For Your Hair


Move over, ombré. After the dip-dyed ends overstayed their welcome into this year, I wanted to figure out another low-maintenance way to add a cool style to my hair (which meant not ombré-ing it for a third time). After scavenging Pinterest and Tumblr for a so-trendy-that-the-general-population-hasn’t-heard-of-it-yet dye job, I found the answer to all my hair prayers: balayage. You’ve seen it before on the likes of Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Lily Aldridge, looking like the offspring of a perfect marriage between ombré and highlights.

The style comes from a French word that means to sweep or paint, which is exactly what the technique calls for. Color is painted freehand onto sections of hair, sans foils, starting blended into the midsections of each piece and becoming progressively more saturated at the tips.


Balayage is nothing new, but people are rediscovering it for its easy maintenance (hello, unnoticeable regrowth) and ability to be either very natural looking or super edgy, depending how many sections of your hair you decide to paint and how much of a contrasting color you decide to do. And due to its versatility, it looks amazing on any hair color (just trust your colorist’s advice).

Balayage looks best on natural-looking, beachy waves because of its effortless, cool-girl vibe, making it your perfect hair upgrade for the summer.

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