The Next Big Thing: Alexandra McDermott


Courtney Love declared you as “the next big thing,” which is pretty amazing. What was your reaction to this? 

She had heard me through my manager, Rob Hoffman, and called me right away. I was so happy because I’ve grown up in the northwest and grunge has such a big part of my life. It felt great to know one of my heroes believes in me!

What about your other well known fan AKA Erin Fetherston?
When Erin invited me to do her lookbook shoot and to perform at her spring fashion show, I was in shock! I’m so grateful for her — she is my fairy godmother to say the least.

How comfortable are you when it comes to photo-shoots?
At first I was self conscious and wasn’t sure what to do with my body or face. But Julian from One Management gave me some lessons and it helped me understand modeling much more.

If you could raid any of your style icon’s closets, who would it be and what would you take?
Mary-Kate Olsen! I love baggy clothing and I’m obsessed with her style!

What’s the most played song on your iTunes?
I’m currently obsessed with “Stay” by Rihanna.

Let’s play Marry, F***, Kill! Rihanna, Gaga, Taylor Swift…
I don’t believe in marriage or violence, but I wouldn’t mind f***ing Rihanna!

Favorite concert-going experience of all time?
I’ve had so many great crowd surfs and mosh pit moments, but Jack White’s 2012 tour blew me away.

In a perfect world, who would you like to direct a music video of yours?
Jack White. Hands down.

When can we expect an album from you?!
I’m currently working on getting an album out by the end of 2013! I’m a rookie to the music process but I’ve enjoyed writing so far!

You’ve gotten the very impressive Amy Winehouse and Adele comparisons. How does this feel to you? What other crooners have influenced you vocally?
Amazing. Amy Winehouse and Adele helped me find my voice, along with Otis Redding and Etta James. I would say they are my biggest vocal influences.

If ‘Portlandia’ is to be trusted, we’re assuming that the Portland music scene basically consists of open mics at vegan cafes… Set the record straight!
There are so many great bands and musicians in Portland. And not only are there vegan singer-songwriters “putting a bird on it,” but we also have some badass rock groups as well!

photo by Zoey Grossman

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