The New Sexy: 5 Non-Traditional Versions Of Sexy!

You may have noticed that lingerie, Victoria’s Secret and sex appeal seem to be all that anyone wants to talk about lately. Curves, and push up bras, body suits and underboobs (hi Karlie!). But what is sexy really? It is an attitude. It is confidence. It is individuality! There is obviously more than one way to be sexy, no matter what your style. So here are 5 non traditional versions of sex appeal that I believe deserve recognition.

1. Sexy Tomboy: Victoria’s Secret gave s slight nod to it last night with Cara’s footballer costume but in truth, there are a lot of sexy tomboys out there! The girls who wear the sloppy ponytail and baggy sweatshirts. The boyfriend jeans and sneakers. The girls who wear no makeup to sports practice and rock a healthy athletic body. I’m not even thinking about a taught, toned girl in a jog bra! This is the girl who goes out in an oversized t shirt for her morning runs. And still looks sexy while she’s at it!
2. Sexy Goth: I had to give a nod to my own personal style! Mysterious and morbid, Morticia Addams-like women can be sexy too! Just look at Christina Ricci in Sleepy Hollow. There is something enticing about the ethereal bruise tones of a goth girl, in all her baggy black layers and heavy eye makeup. Truth be told, we know we are beautiful even under all of the caked layers, but we feel even more beautiful by expressing our artful individuality to the world.’
3. Sexy Punk: Everybody knows that rocker chicks are hot! In fact, I find anyone who can either play an instrument or appreciate instrumental talent endlessly attractive. But tight leather pants and band t shirts will always have a hard core sex appeal to them. And be honest, you always want to talk to the girl with the quirky dyed hair!
4. Sexy Nerd: No I am not thinking of a tight pencil skirt and geek glasses. I am talking real button down shirts and khakis. Someone too busy reading books to bother with eye makeup and complicated hair styles. Because in truth, intelligence is sexy. Someone who can quote directly from a novel is sexy. Good conversation is probably the most attractive trait ever. So read up ladies and gentleman! You will be quizzed on this… in bed.
5. Refined Sexy: The kind of sexy that you can bring home to mom and dad. These days, we are so busy breaking convention that we forget to take a look back at the success of the past. Button up cardigans are cool… sometimes. I admire a girl who can pull off a mid calf length skirt and a peter pan collar. Honestly ladies, all it takes is proper confidence and the reassurance that by dressing this way you are not wearing a costume. Or maybe you are! As long as it is a costume that you feel defines you and what you are passionate about. Sex appeal is all about standing by your own values and showing them to the world. And whether that is a garter, glasses or a poodle skirt, there is something sexy in that you are taking pride in your feminine individuality! And let’s be honest, at the end of the day, even the best lingerie looks better crumpled up on the floor.
Written by: Amanda Lang

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