Who Is The New Girl? An Editorial Shot By Bex Gunther

The New Girl. How can we describe her? She’s a modern girl but she wears the past – you can see Jane Birkin in the way she holds her cigarette, her leather jacket screams Joplin, Cher. But uh-huh-honey, her attitude, let’s just talk about her attitude… well, it’s changed. She may look like the girls we used to know but she is New, she is different. The New Girl is effortlessly painstakingly deliberate about everything she does. She rules because she is New and we are still trying to make sense of her. You’re going to try to box her in, maybe label her (slut, narcissist, vapid) but she is anything but and she doesn’t waste her time worrying about what your insecurities are. She’s going to keep posing, selfie-ing, tinder-ing, loving, money making, educating, and evolving. This is the New Girl.

Foreword and photography by Bex Gunther


Jakimac harness, RTA jacket, Bliss Lau ring, / RTA jacket, RTA jeans, Mara Carrizo scalise






RTA jacket, Pima Doll knit dress


Pima Doll knit, AP bra, Jonathan Simkhai skirt


AP lingerie, long shirt from OAK


Jakimac harness, RTA denim

Concept and Photography: Bex Gunther
Models: Effy Harvard (Two Model Management)
Natalia Barulich (Kitten)
Stylist: Sara Dinkin
Hair: Cantrell Mitchell
Makeup: Haley Buckner
Makeup Assistant: Victoria Patino
Assistant: Michael Toothman
Retoucher: Pratik Naik
Special thanks to Khoa Bui for studio use

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