The New Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence Film Is No American Hustle

We could get used to seeing Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence acting together in period dramas. Acting alongside each other in sexy 1980’s attire, or ballroom dancing in modern day sweats and leggings the two have undeniable chemistry and talent. So we were obviously psyched when we found out that there was a movie, titled Serena after Jennifer’s main femme fatale character, filmed two years ago (before Bradley was dating Suki Waterhouse and J.Law had hooked up with Chris Martin, things have certainly changed). For fans of American Hustle though, this one is no wear close to the tone of that flick. Darker, more anxiety ridden and just a little bit weirder, the film follows Badley and J.Law as they deal with poverty, violence and possible murder. We are just little bit excited to see this one when it finally comes out.

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