The New App That’s Making Us Forget About Tinder

It didn’t take long for us to get over the novelty of Tinder and see it for what it really was: an outlet for creepy guys to bother girls via an iphone app. But don’t worry ladies, we have your newest app obsession for you right here.


Enter Lulu: a godsend for finding eligible young males to pursue, but the real upshot? You can dress down the losers as well. On Lulu you can rate and review the men on your facebook feed as well as see reviews from other girls. Review them as a friend, girlfriend, hookup, whatever!


This is your chance. Is the guy #CaptainFun and #LifeofTheParty? Or does he #DrinkTheHaterade and #StillLoveHisEx. Let your girlfriends know and figure out who is really worth knowing. Trust us, it’s better than relying on those half naked pics of the substandard bodies on Tinder.


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