The Morning After: Dos and Don’ts

Whether it’s a stranger’s bed after a drunken night, a meaningless hookup, or even the guy that you are seeing, the morning after can be awkward. There are a few simple dos and don’ts for the situation, so here are a few of our tips.

Don’t: leave without saying goodbye
Galore Mag - The Morning After
It can be tempting, but unless you literally never want to see them again, do not do this, it is awkward and will probably make the other person feel like shit.

Do: laugh about it
Galore Mag - The Morning After
It will relieve the tension and remind you guys that you actually like each other. Unless of course they really are just a drunken hook up then yes you can just peace out of there.

Don’t: leave Without a Snack
Galore Mag - The Morning After
Even if it’s just a granola bar, you need to replenish all the energy you guys inevitably burned last night.

Do: eat cereal in bed
Galore Mag - The Morning After
Preferably with Game of Thrones on in the background.

Don’t: be embarrassed
Galore Mag - The Morning After
You had sex. Millions of people all over the world do it everyday.

Do: pat yourself on the back
Galore Mag - The Morning After
Because you just got laid!

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