This $6 Lipstick Magically Looks Nude on Every Skin Tone

A truly nude lipstick is one of the hardest to find, especially for women of color. What is nude for your skin tone may not be nude for your bestie’s skin tone.

But what if I told you that there was a way that you and your squad could all wear the same nude lip, and it’d look fabulous on all of you?

It may look a little too peachy to be a nude at first glance, but trust: it is the perfect shade. How do we know? It’s one of the most pinned nudes, with over 190,000 on Pinterest, according to SELF.

The brand is NYX, the model is soft matte lip cream, and the shade is London. It goes on like a velvety lip gloss, and dries matte. It is very pigmented and does not leave your lips dry and screaming for moisture, beauty bloggers report. To top it all off, it is only $6.

You can purchase this gem on NYX’s Website.

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Here are some of our favorite beauty bloggers and Instagram makeup lovers showing off London by NYX in their own makeup looks.

A post shared by Jamila Huger (@jamilanichole) on

The mix of greens and browns look so good on darker skin tones. London by NYX tops this look off making it the perfect nude makeup look with a touch of color.

A post shared by Faye Neill (@makeupbyfayeneill) on

This is such a beautiful combination. The pale pink eyeshadow with heavy black mascara and a shimmer highlight is perfectly paired with London by NYX.

A post shared by @lajlakam on

This is probably one of the best “no-makeup makeup looks”. The London lip color with the eyeshadow and blush is a stunning combination. Inserts heart eye emoji.

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A post shared by Reyse McPherson (@beautybyreyse) on

Shimmer and sparkle is written all over this look. From the eyeshadow to the highlight this look is perfect for a night out or a photoshoot at home with some bomb selfie lighting. The NYX London lip color is perfectly contrasted with such a shimmery eye.


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