The Lily Allen Diss Search Engine & Other People She’s Pissed Off

I honestly don’t know how to feel about Lily Allen, she’s like kind of annoying, but also a woman saying whatever she wants is always refreshing. Her video for her single “Sheezus” (tradge), was released this week and she tries to sort of diss Beyonce, I guess? If you visit her website today, and needed another reason to think sucks or she’s great, you’ll see has installed search engine that when you enter “beyonce” the only thing that shows up are links to buy her album.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 4.00.54 PM

ANYWAY, she’s constantly fighting someone SO here’s some of the peeps she’s beefed with over the years.

Azealia Banks
I mean these two are the feistiest, but Lily Allen went a little below the belt taking a stab at another artists career when hers isn’t exactly Beyonce’s.


Cheryl Cole
I don’t who pissed off who, and who really cares but I do know this shit has been long standing and for a long time been completely uninteresting.


Katy Perry
Im pretty sure Katy dissed Lily by saying she was fat or something. But we need more people on this list SO.


Courtney Love
Lily Allen tweeted a unflattering picture of Courtney, Courtney gets pissed off sigh. This is all so embarrassing.


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