The Lazy Girls Guide To Beauty: 4 Products That Make You Instantly Hot

It seems that nowadays with all the contouring, lip lining, and eyebrow game that you basically need to be a make up artist yourself, or have a ton of time on your hands in order to look good. Putting on some concealer and chapstick doesn’t seem to cut it anymore—but if you don’t have five hours to do your makeup, or you’re just too damn lazy, here are 4 beauty products that do all the heavy lifting for you.

  1. Jergen’s Natural Glow +Firming Daily Moisturizer. Being lazy myself I know that the rest of you probably don’t leave your house often enough to get a tan either, so behold this miracle product. This tanning lotion acts a moisturizer and a firming lotion to help diminish cellulite on top of giving you a natural-looking tan. It comes in two shades, fair to medium and medium to tan and can be found in drugstores for as little as $7. Yas.
  2. Spray-on Nail Polish. Lazy chicks, rejoice. Rather than going to a salon or spending time taking off previous chipped polish and then painstakingly coating every nail, just shake this can of polish by Nails Inc and spray away. This new product can be put on over old nail polish or clean nails and then the excess over your fingers can be washed off with warm water and soap. Although the product is only available in two colors, a silvery color and light pink and is currently sold out, our guess is that we’ll be able to get our hands on it in no time.
  3. Dior’s Fix it 2-In-1 Prime and Conceal. Now $36 may seem pretty pricey for a concealer that looks like a lipstick tube, but it will be well worth it. The concealer can be used on your face to help conceal and diminish pores, on your eyes to hide bags and prime for eyeshadow, and on your lips to make sure lipstick won’t bleed. Way better then buying and using the four products it would usually need to do all that.
  4. Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Dry Shampoo. Now there are plenty of dry shampoos for my lazy friends out there, but this one has it all. It helps eliminate grease, pumps up the volume on your lackluster locks, and smells like freesias for only $14. Who needs normal shampoo?


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