The Jack Moves Give Us Love Making Tips Along With The “Make Love” Music Video

While hard-hitting house tracks and crooning boy bands may be good for the club, sometimes you need something a little more sensual for the bedroom. The Jack Moves latest track, “Make Love,” will make you feel like you’re a 70s starlet getting hot and heavy on a shag carpet in some platform heels and nothing else. Watching the music video will only make you feel more psychadelic-ly sexy. The combination of bombshell babe Aline Weber gyrating in bath water and honey, plus the adorable members Zee Desmondes and Teddy Powell are enough to make anyone want to go grab their vibrator.

However, if you’re lucky enough to not be gettin’ down solo, The Jack Moves have shared with us 7 of their tips on how to “make love” like a pro:

1. Always play it cool. Never show how excited you are until you’re in there.
2. Always say “No!”
3. The wetter the better. Do what you gotta do.
4. Don’t drink too much.
5. Stay confident and try to dominate.
6. Breathe.
7. 9 shallow 1 deep.

Photo via Vogue Brazil

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