The HBO Shows We Cannot Wait To See Off Of Cable

So you have all heard that HBO has announced its new streaming service which will be available in all American homes come 2015. This is awesome, we are of course addicted to Game of Thrones, Girls and True Detective. But we can’t help but wonder, were there some HBO shows that were perhaps to spicy for all eyes and ears? Here are a few shows that we aren’t so sure the entire world was ready for… but we still obsess over them anyway.

Game of Thrones


I mean come on this is the show that started off with an incestual relationship, ended with a child being pushed out a window and moved on to Daenerys being sold off into marriage and that f***ed from behind. We love this show’s X rated content, but we realize why it’s not for everybody. After all, Joffrey was basically Terry Blair with a crown on his head.




This is the show that did not shy away from a guy who was probably a sex addict having a relationship with the protagonist. The show that allowed parents to have their own intimate shower scene. Girls is not afraid graphic sex scenes, nor should it be. But it is not surprising that the show has generated so much controversy.

True Detective



True Detective’s graphic depiction of violence and occultism is probably the scariest thing currently on HBO. Oddly enough Girls and Thrones sex scenes tend to bother audiences more than any mass murder shown on True Detective but whatever.

True Blood



True Blood may be over but let’s not forget the massive orgies, blood soaked sex scenes and forward thinking same sex liaisons that went on in that show. Viewer discretion is advised.

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