Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians Costing You Your Privacy?

This Monday, to the delight of fans everywhere, the Kardashian sisters finally released their own personal lifestyle apps and websites (with the exception of Kourtney, who understandably has bigger things going on in her life right now to deal with).  For a mere $2.99 a month, these apps offer you absolutely unfettered access to your favorite famous family.  In the past three days, we’ve all had the privilege of seeing everything from Kourtney literally putting cookies in a cookie jar to a special behind the scenes look at our Generation Bombshell launch party courtesy of King Kylie.

However, it turns out that by subscribing to these apps, you may be offering up hackers absolutely unfettered access to your personal information.

According to TechCrunch, a 19-year-old developer named Alaxic Smith found an “open, unsecured API” at the back end of their websites, which allowed him to access the full names and e-mail addresses of over 600,000 Kardashian website subscribers.  “Initially, I thought that this was some a page filled with dummy data, but as I started to look closer, it wasn’t. I now had access to the first names, last name, and email addresses of the 663,270 people who signed up for Kylie Jenner’s website. I then noticed that I could do the same API call across each of the websites and return the same exact data for each site. I also had the ability to create / destroy users, photos, videos, and more.”

But Whalerock Industries, the company that operates the websites, isn’t that concerned. In a statement to TechCrunch they said, “Shortly after launch, we were alerted that there was an open API. It was promptly closed. Our logs indicate that the author of the blog post was able to access only a limited set of names and email addresses.”

So the good news is, your personal information is probably going to be safe from here on out – which is good, because the thought of having to delete Kylie Jenner’s app from your phone is just too tough to bear.

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