The Growlers: Why Mexico Loves Them & Why They Love Mexico

Member of the The Growlers, Brooks, shares with us all we need to know about the band and how their music has taken off in Mexico and why Mexico is the best place ever.


How did The Growlers come about?
We wanted to party.

Why the name The Growlers?
Means taking a shit. We were shitty at the time in many ways.

Where are y’all from?
Dana Point/Costa Mesa

How would you describe your sound?
Beautiful. Big kids. New and old. Rock n roll. R&B.

You’re super popular in Mexico. Why do you think your sound has done well there?
Cause we love Mexico and we’ve spent a lot of time there growing up. Surfing and partying. It’s been a giant influence on me.

What’s your fave city in mexico?
Mexico City so far.

5 things you love about Mexico:
Women, music, the beaches, the hard working people, and the thrill.

Your shows are crazy apparently. Can you describe how your fans get down?
They do all the work. I don’t tell them to take their clothes off or take drugs. They get one night to be a Growler. We get hundreds of nights to do it.

And more reasons why Mexico is the best?
Because it is hands down. Cause it’s the first place I would go if I had the money or time. Because I wanna live there.


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