Get Lit Because The Glow Revival Is Coming To A Pair Of Shoes Near You

Remember when having a pair of light up shoes was cool? Back when you were in elementary school, your hair done up with barrettes and velvet scrunchies, crimped after hours spent sleeping on an army of endless tiny, moistened braids? The radiant power you felt when you and your kicks hit the street, acutely aware of the enthralled gaze of every passerby. How in awe they all were – so mesmerized by your whimsical sense of style.

Okay, so maybe nobody was actually in awe of your childhood fashion sense, but that’s exactly the kind of ego boost that light up shoes inspire. Much like pimped out sunglasses, light-up sneakers are their own statement piece. After putting on a pair, you just know people aren’t going to be able to resist looking at you. Why? Because people are drawn to whimsy, and no matter how serious we pretend to be, humans just want to have fun.


Last Tuesday night, when Julianne Moore showed up at Chanel’s Paris-Salzburg show in a pair of blue-lit Chanel heels, she announced the previously unspeakable to the world: not only are light-up shoes not just for kids anymore, but they’re not just for casual wear.

The glow revivial is real.

While you may not be ready to get lit at cocktail hour, can you honestly say that slipping on a pair of these or even these wouldn’t make you feel like the flyest human being on the planet?

6519-1-l_1024x1024-1Whimsical, 90s irreverence is in.  The only thing left to do is get let yourself glow.

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