The Girl Power ‘IDFWU’ Parody You Need In Your Life

We have just what you need for some Friday inspiration – a Big Sean parody that is both hilarious and empowering. Instead of promoting degrading lyrics about women, friends Alexandra Case, Kari Hall and Margarita Kallas rap about saying bye to bad men and unhealthy relationships. The video makes you want to grab your girl gang and spread the girl power message everywhere – and that’s something we can totally get behind. Watch our exclusive premiere of the “I Don’t F**k With You” parody (“We Ain’t Fcukin’ Wit U”) and read our inspiring Q & A with the badass ladies behind your new favorite video.

“We got inspired by turning this song around entirely and creating a rap that’s inspiring rather than degrading.”

What was the moment that really inspired you to make this parody?

Alexandra Case – Margarita picked this song. We really liked the idea of taking a rap song that calls women “stupid ass bitches” and turning it into a female empowerment song. We wanted to create an anthem that encourages leaving unhealthy relationships.

Margarita Kallas – We got inspired by turning this song around entirely and creating a rap that’s inspiring rather than degrading and showing ladies to take yourself to a healthy space rather than to a club or a new guy when these situations arise with your significant other.

“Working on yourself is the best remedy to feeling victimized by ‘loser bfs’.”

When do you know it’s time to dump your loser bf?

Alexandra – I don’t think anyone is a loser. If someone is not right for you it takes a lot of strength and courage to walk away. It’s in these moments that we find out how truly strong and powerful we are.

Kari Hall – I am blessed to be working with a coach who assists me in growing beyond myself and so what I can say I have learned first and foremost is that working on yourself is the best remedy to feeling victimized by “loser bfs”. The boys will grow into men if they realize they have to grow with you and you feel whole and complete with or without them.

Margarita – I agree with Kari, it’s important for women to grow themselves, love themselves first and foremost. And your guy will either grow with you or go. It’s important for women to rise up and remove themselves from unhealthy relationships.

I’m sure you deal with really creepy guys on the regular? What’s a skeezy pick­up line a guy has tried on you?

Alexandra – As long as a guy doesn’t say something blatantly inappropriate I will talk to anyone who has the courage to walk up and say hello.

Kari – I have a hard time seeing guys as “skeezy”. I see the humanity in them and that may have been my downfall at times because it was hard for me to determine appropriate from inappropriate behavior. I believe that’s one reason we made this video…. for me to grow up and stand for myself as a woman and to help others to do the same.

Margarita – Being that my name is Margarita, I’ve pretty much heard it all.

Big Sean, Margarita Kallas,  IDFWU, Parody

“As scary as it is to be vulnerable in this day and age, it’s totally worth it.”

What’s one motto you stick to when it comes to sex and dating?

Alexandra – Always trust yourself.

Kari – Do what you cannot not do and listen to that little voice that says you are worth it. You are worth being taken out to dinner and worth waiting as long as you need to before you have sex. So to make a long answer short…. Slow is the new Fast.

Margarita – Being married for three years and dating my husband for 3 years before we got married, I learned a lot through communication faith and confidence. I also am lucky to get to be married to Phillip Frankland Lee, because we both grew each other through a lot of hardships while we were dating. I wasn’t pleasant to say the least because I didn’t have faith in myself nor the ability to be vulnerable and communicative. As scary as it is to be vulnerable in this day and age, it’s totally worth it.

What’s the best way to celebrate girl power and forget guys who aren’t worth it?

Alexandra – The best way to celebrate girl power is to do whatever it is that really turns you on. Find what you’re passionate about! And of course, enjoy a few crazy adventures with your girlfriends.

Kari – Find a group of like minded people who lift you up… join a sports team or a choir or start a group who feeds the homeless on a weekly basis. Do something in service that gets you out of your head and you will forget him. Start your own business if you feel inspired to!

Margarita – Go out and enjoy your friends your family and things that inspire you!

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