The Galore Girl’s NYC Guy Guide: Williamsburg

Galore Mag - Williamsburg hipster guy - NYC Guy Guide: Williamsburg

Probably has an art degree from NYU. He isn’t making any money with said degree but it’s all good because his parents live in Greenwich, CT and pay his rent. Hope you like facial hair, because that’s all you’ll see here. He refuses to take cabs (it’s not like there are many in his neighborhood, anyway) and rides his bike to “work.” He’s probably vegetarian or vegan or gluten free or dairy free or paleo or a combination of all the above and will definitely try to convert you. He loves bitching about how Williamsburg stereotypes aren’t true and will take it personally if you don’t love his neighborhood as much as he does. He cuffs his jeans to show off his fun socks/delicate ankles.

Nate Hitchcock in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

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