The Galore Girl’s NYC Guy Guide: Murray Hill

For all you New York City singles, we’re continuing our series on the guys you’ll find in each of the city’s neighborhoods. Our first stop was Bushwick but now we’re migrating to Manhattan, specifically, Murray Hill.

Galore Mag - Murray Hill guys Francisco Lachowski  - NYC Guy Guide Murray Hill Edition

Spanning 28th to 38th street from Third to Madison Avenue, Murray Hill is full of aspiring bankers fresh out of college. Think New England universities, not liberal arts. His building definitely has a doorman, and he loves its convenient proximity to Equinox and his favorite sports bar (he’ll probably take you there for a Bud Light and introduce you to his “buddies” later). He wears a backpack and his favorite spring outfit is his Alpha Tau Omega cap (worn backwards) and a university sweatshirt or tee, depending on the weather. He aspires to summer in Westhampton. He’ll buy you a Tiffany’s heart necklace, the same one that every 20-something pilates-loving-juice-cleansing girl owns. His favorite color is Nantucket Red and his ideal girl embraces her “natural beauty” but believes that women are obligated to shave their legs.

Galore Mag - Murray Hill Guys - NYC Guy Guide: Murray Hill Edition

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