The Galore Girl’s NYC Guy Guide: Meatpacking District

We’ve covered the hopeless hipsters of Bushwick and the bros of Murray Hill. Continuing our series on the guys you’ll find in NYC neighborhoods, next up is the Meatpacking District.

Galore Mag - Meatpacking District men Tommy Ton - NYC Guy Guide: Meatpacking District

His wardrobe is more expensive than yours, and he takes the Art of Shaving very seriously. Typically a trust fund baby trying to make it as the creative director of a company he likes to call “the next big thing.” He’s a regular at the Boom Boom Room, Le Baron, and The Jane. His favorite restaurant is Carbone, and his idea of a cheap, quick lunch is the $20 antipasto at Eataly. He’s perpetually on the hunt for the perfect midcentury chair. He complains that the Meatpacking District has turned into a tourist trap and will spend hours reminiscing about the good old days of his neighborhood. His favorite bands/foods/stores/everything are impossible to pronounce, and he’ll jump down your throat to correct you. He won’t ever admit it, but he aspires to be dubbed a “taste-maker” by New York Magazine. Owns a man purse.

Galore Mag - Meatpacking district guys style - NYC Guy Guide: Meatpacking District

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