The Galore Girl’s NYC Guy Guide: Lower East Side

Dating in New York City can be a blessing and a burden. On the plus side, the city offers tons of spots you might meet a potential match, from your neighborhood dive bar to that new artisanal bakery to your spin class. And in a city with over 8 million people, there are more than plenty of fish in the sea. The con? With so many guys and so many places to possibly find your true love, things can get overwhelming. For all you singles based in the Big Apple, we’ve been helping you out with a series on the city’s neighborhoods and the types of guys you’ll find there.

This week, we bring you to the Lower East Side.


He only drinks at speakeasies and underground bars because he appreciates the eclectic company. Catch him at the 2nd Floor On Clinton sipping a specialty cocktail. He’s passionate about whiskey and his elaborate tattoos that all hold a very special meaning to him. He makes fun of everyone’s taste in music. For your birthday, he’ll buy you a first edition of Raymond Carver whether you like Raymond Carver or not. He only uses Apple products and looks down on anyone who dares buy a PC or Android. All his friends describe him as cocky. He owns at least one fedora.

Galore Mag - Lower East Side Guy style - NYC Guy Guide: Lower East Side

Read up on the guys you’ll find in Bushwick, the East Village, Murray Hill, and the Meatpacking District.

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