The Galore Girl’s NYC Guy Guide: East Village

If you decided to pass up Bushwick’s hopeless hipsters, Murray Hill’s fresh-faced frat bros, and the Meatpacking District’s bougie trust fund babies, we don’t blame you. Continuing our series on the types of guys you’ll meet in each New York City neighborhood, we’re covering the East Village next.

Galore Mag - East Village guys - NYC Guy Guide: East Village

He’s a musician and part-time model and definitely cooler than you. He’s done every opiate that exists and insists that while his friends are still addicts (it helps their creative process!), he’s “moved on” from that lifestyle. He *~prefers~* to shop at vintage stores, but takes trips downtown to Opening Ceremony and Alexander Wang more than he’d like to admit. He’s skinnier than you and probably prettier, too. He has more than a few stick & poke tattoos and thinks your art is stupid, but doesn’t really care enough to say anything. He parties at The Westway and every pop-up club you’re not cool enough to get into, then complains that the scene is getting too “hot” (read: “mainstream”). You’ve never really seen him smile before.

Galore Mag - East Village guys - NYC Guy Guide: East Village

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