The Galore Girl’s NYC Guy Guide: Bushwick Edition

Dating in New York City can be a blessing and a burden. On the plus side, the city offers tons of spots you might meet a potential match, from your neighborhood dive bar to that new artisanal bakery to your spin class. And in a city with over 8 million people, there are more than plenty of fish in the sea. The con? With so many guys and so many places to possibly find your true love, things can get overwhelming. For all you singles based in the Big Apple, we’re starting an ongoing series on the city’s neighborhoods and the types of guys you’ll find there.

First up: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Galore Mag - Bushwick guy style - NYC Guy Guide: Bushwick Edition

He’s either an art student, an artist, a photographer, or some incomprehensible freelance creative director consultant part-time DJ hybrid who is Instagram famous for no apparent reason. His place is probably a converted factory with high ceilings and at least one exposed brick wall. Make sure you ask before touching any of his furniture, because that chair you’re about to sit in is actually his latest art piece. His bedding is all-white but his wardrobe mostly black. He has more money than he’d like to admit, and probably owns a vintage fur coat that he only wears ironically. He’ll wine and dine you at Roberta’s because it was on an episode of Action Bronson’s “F***, That’s Delicious.” Says he likes Bushwick because of its “authenticity.” Probably has hair longer than yours and with more glossy shine than your $200-per-appointment ass.

Galore Mag - Bushwick guys Michelle Ma - NYC Guy Guide: Bushwick Edition

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