The Friend Zone: When He Doesn’t Want to F*** You

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Maybe you’ve never been friend zoned, but you know what it is to friend zone a person, we’ve all done it. It’s when you consider someone as just a friend and won’t f*** them.

I once lamented to a guy friend about how I’m constantly in the friend zone, he scoffed and said “Girls don’t get friend zoned”. He argued that because women can solicit sex from their male friends it means it’s impossible for them to be in the friend zone. For so many reasons, I told him that’s bullshit and his argument was full of assumptions. Afterall, how many of us pined for a boy who never looked at us “that way”? ALL OF US.

My theory is that heterosexual women experience a slightly different version of the male friend zone, it’s the f*** buddy zone. The f*** buddy zone is when a guy decides a girl is f***able but not dateable. He’s basically thinking “Ehh I’d beat, maybe even regularly, but I wouldn’t make her my girl.”

Girls get f*** buddy zoned all the time. As I type this, girls are f***ing a dude and tryna earn a girlfriend title or get “wifed up” not realizing they’re stuck in the f*** buddy zone. Is it you? If it is I hate to break it to you but you can’t f*** your way out of the f*** buddy zone.

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