The Finest Playboy Spreads

Maybe it’s due to the new importance of feminism in this particular generation. We can’t be entirely sure why but lately Playboy has been going the classy, high fashion route. With its respectable supermodel castings and haute couture style photo spreads! Here are some of our favorite, fashionable supermodel Playboy spreads!

Bianca Balti 2014:
The Victoria’s Secret bombshell starred in a shockingly tasteful shoot for the famously sexy pinup mag, drawing our attention to its recent detour into more elegant photo stylings.

Kate Moss 2014
The beginning of its new supermodel, high class photo themes? It certainly got the world turning its attention back to the historically nudity friendly publication.


Eva Herzigova 2004
The Czech model posed tastefully for Hefner about ten years ago, proving that Playboy has always been good to its more famous supermodel cover girls.

Lily Cole 2008
French magazines are always pushing boundaries way before the US can even begin to consider that the boundaries are in existence, so it probably makes sense that the French version of Playboy would be attempting to revamp its famous full frontal photoshoots.lily cole playboy 5

Naomi Campbell 1999
Naomi always manages to own her photoshoots no matter what style they are shot in. 3

Stephanie Seymour 1993:
In the age of the supermodel, a woman can look elegant and sexy in every situation. Maybe now is the new era of the supermodel…stephanie-seymour-classic-playboy-nekkid-photoshoot-04-cr1364574536847-435x580

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