The Eyes Might Have It…Your Sexual Orientation, That Is


As we’ve seen recently,sexuality is an issue that we’re starting to realize we know very little about. But, could you ever have guessed this? Dilated pupils have been known for a while to indicate arousal, of many different types. Now, scientists have noticed that dilated pupils correlates to sexual arousal: in a study, men and women of various sexual orientations were exposed to graphic sexual content, while this whole process, pupil dilation was being assessed via eye tracking software. According to Psychology Today, “Genital arousal data was also gathered, as a goal of this research was to compare across these measures of sexual arousal.” The brightness in the videos were regulated so that the results in dilation wouldn’t shift.

The results indicated that genital arousal did correlate with the patterns in pupil dilation. Interestingly though, while straight men generally responded to the images of women, as did homosexual women, the women who identified as heterosexual were also likely to be aroused to the images of men and women.

So how much does sexual arousal have to do with sexual orientation anyway? says, “Many self-identified straight people report participating in and enjoying sexual relations with the same sex at one point in their life – usually in adolescence but sometimes later in life. In prisons, people enter loving, affectionate same sex relationships that they never would on the outside. And many people report that an emotional connection was so intense it turned sexual — even though it was with someone of the gender they typically were not attracted to.”

All we know is, if a trans woman can be married to Kris Kardashian for 14 years, then anything is possible.


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