The Dolls Teach Us How To Keep Friends

The Dolls, featured in our Music & Friendship issue, chatted to us about their tastes in music, the 90s, and how on earth people are suppose to keep friendships alive. Some dope advice, from some dope ladies.
What music has inspired you this year?
Chloe Wade: The Dolls
Mia Moretti: The Original Pinettes
Margot: Olafur Arnalds
Where did the name The Dolls come from?
All: The Dolls was loosely inspired by the lost Hollywood dream from The Valley of the Dolls. We can all be dreamers and in those dreams you can be anyone you want to be. The Dolls represents a facade, an appearance, a disguise, a celebration, an escape, a shiny vacation to a place where “too much” is the perfect amount.
You guys are like 90’s grunge Drew Barrymore darlings, favorite 90’s song:
CW: Baz Luhrmann- Sunscreen
MM: 2pac- Brenda’s Got a Baby
M: Fiona Apple- Criminal
What spice girls were you growing up?
CW: Scary, but I always wanted to be Posh.
MM: Baby.
M: Sporty.
What are the 10 friend commandments?
1. Love each other
2. Support each other
3. Bring out the best in each other
4: Break rules together
5. Enjoy food together
6. Enjoy drank together
7. Dance together
8. Travel the world together
9. Never let your best friend be sad alone
10. Always dress & dream in theme

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