The Dø Is The Pop Duo You’ve Been Missing

You were probably singing along to The Dø and didn’t even know it. The Finnish pop duo, who are wildly popular in Europe, are finally getting some much deserved attention in the states with the release of their latest record Shake Shook Shaken. Over the last seven years, Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy have been making the catchiest disco-pop and are now feeling stronger than ever.


“We wanted to have songs that had an energetic impact, dynamic and straight to the point…”

The Dø, like many before them, started as a humble studio project because the two simply wanted to make music together. “Almost every song was an accident,” Olivia admitted but those accidents turned into a stunning debut record, Mouthful, and solidified their place as a pop force to be reckoned with. It’s with this same liberation and creativity that the duo continue to bring into each writing process. “We try to keep it as free as possible,” Olivia said.


“We know we definitely have a few other albums left to make.”

So what’s really changed since the first album? “A vision,” Olivia said. While the band has always maintained the same creative spirit, their latest record showcases The Dø with a more accurate vision. On Shake Shook Shaken, released in the US this spring, The Dø trade in traditional sounds for a more electronic approach. “We wanted to have songs that had an energetic impact, dynamic and straight to the point, as opposed to more subtle on the last record,” Olviia said. In the past, Olivia and Dan found bits of influence from every corner but now they’re keeping everything in a nice warm bubble. In this bubble, we get a glimpse at the future of pop and a sound makeover for The Dø that totally pays off.

Shake Shook Shaken is The Dø’s moment to shine and finally takeover the states. Currently finishing their U.S. tour, audiences get to see the new, more experimental, side of The Dø. “We wanted to go as far as possible with this idea of playing with plastic instruments but making them as warm and human as possible,” Olivia said,” It’s about sweating on pads.” Catch The Dø at Bonnaroo this weekend to see what you’ve been missing and get new songs like, “Keep Your Lips Sealed” stuck in your head for days on end. As for what’s next? “We know we definitely have a few other albums left to make,” Olivia said. So feel free to fall in love because The Dø aren’t going anywhere.


Article by: Shannon Kurlander | Photos by: Angelo Kritikos

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