The difference between Lauren Conrad’s “internships” and my own

A few weeks ago, I spotted something that changed my night and all the nights that have followed since. The Hills box set was available on Hayu.

Sinking deep into my bed, brandishing a glass of white wine and preparing to Snapchat all the lols, I remembered how the series had taken over my life not once, but twice before.

First, as a ten year old, trying to find a way to catch-up with Lauren and co., and then as a 16 year old, skipping my after school revision classes to watch back-to-back episodes in an exam-induced reality-tv coma.

One of the main reasons I loved the show back then was because of the fabulous world of fashion that it depicted via Whitney and Lauren’s internships at Teen Vogue. I could only dream of one day being a fashion intern! Fast forward to those few weeks ago and coincidentally I was starting a new job the next morning as a stylist’s assistant – one small step up from intern.

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As I’ve navigated my way through the start of my new role, I’ve also returned home each night to dive into bed and go through a few episodes of The Hills. Not only am I loving the noughties throwback LA vibes, but I’ve found it beyond hilarious comparing the girls’ experiences as interns with my own.

I’ve worked for free in a number of different ways. From the fun and comfy social media, to the hectic fashion week, and not forgetting everyones favorite – returns! So, I’m pretty sure that most of the roles I’ve taken on are supposed to be similar to those of Lauren circa 2006, yet they’re worlds apart. And not only because there are oceans between us.

1. Returns

So, almost infamously now, is the time only a few weeks into her internship when Lauren is sent to New York to drop off a dress (keep in mind she’s living and working in LA). First of all – What? And secondly, in my world, the closest thing to a transatlantic return is being sent to the post office and told not to come back until a coat has been posted next day delivery to France…at 5:45pm.

Whilst a large part of my interning career has involved traipsing around central London in either dizzying heat or rain, I’ve never once seen Lauren or Whitney hand deliver any press samples in the show. Who does this at Teen Vogue? Do they send everything back via courier whilst the girls stay in the comfort of their cozy fashion cupboard gossiping?

2. Lunch

Speaking of gossiping, somehow the girls always manage to swan off down Wilshire Boulevard to indulge in hour long lunches with ex-boyfriends or Audrina, tucking into giant bowls of fancy salads. Meanwhile, I’m breaking my no carb/no red meat/no dairy rule by panic-buying a wrap which features all three of those things because I can’t eat sushi whilst power walking four bagfuls of samples through the tubes!

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3. Free Stuff

Another unbelievable (I mean literally, unbelievable) moment is when in Series 3, not only do the girls get to go to Paris, but they also get loaned Giambattista Valli gowns.

In spoilt brat style, Lauren wears the gown to a smoke-filled dirty nightclub before leaving the damn thing on top of a pair of curling irons! Remarkably, she’s sent to collect a new dress. What the Hell?

I myself have also had some freebies flung my way over the past three years, so take that Lauren Conrad. Mine were more along the lines of cocktails and glasses of Champagne snuck to me secretly, t-shirts, hair products, gluten free brownies, and some expensive designer shoes that I most definitely have never worn. But, I’ve yet to be flown to Paris or loaned dresses for the purpose of wearing them to an event.

4. Bosses

With their alliterated names, stern faces and all black attire, Lisa Love and Kelly Cutrone seem like characters that were made up especially for the show as they comply completely with the fashion boss stereotype. Thankfully, I’ve never had a boss so scary! One point to East London intern.

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5. Guys

So in terms of guys, there’s one thing I’m confused about. Even when I’m in a paid job, I doubt my angry tantrum-throwing boyfriend will be allowed to keep showing up, like Spencer does to Heidi.

But, that’s if I ever have an angry tantrum-throwing bf to do so, as I have no time for dates these days. One thing that goes without saying is I certainly never have male models chat me up like Whitney often does, maybe because I am always soaked in sweat and dirty London tube dust.

Occasionally, I think it might be nice to have a boyfriend whilst interning so that he could help me carry all the heavy returns and so I could stay in his Zone 2 flat rather than commute home for an hour. The closest I’ve come is getting dumped by someone I wasn’t even with while in the middle of fashion week! I guess it’s for the best though – Spencer got Heidi temporarily fired in season 4 and Jason was the whole reason Lauren became ‘The Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris’ in season 1.

6. Going Out

Astonishingly, The Hills girls have time and money to hit up a new club almost every night of the week. I can’t even manage to go out on weekends whilst I’m interning — I have to work my other job (the crappy one) to keep the dolla stacked! Of course, there have been a few parties where I can sneak some drinks, and there was that one time me and my friend had Prosecco in a park after work, does that count?

7. Celebrities

There’s nothing much to say here, except that Lauren and Whitney managed to meet Lady Gaga, Lily Collins, and Marc Jacobs. At my first fashion show, I dressed Amber Le Bon and this one time Jude Law’s son asked me where the toilet was! Goals.

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